The Story Behind Our Brand is a brand of THE GUN BBQ. THE GUN BBQ is a sole proprietorship firm which has 36 retail food outlets across Telangana, AP and Pondicherry. Our grilled food outlets are cute, small, operates mainly in the evening concentrating takeaways, pick N go with limited menu and temporary seating. Our grills are designed in a way that our grilled food tastes the best and sure to attract & gain attention at first sight. All our outlets cook fresh grilled food with no preservatives, colors or any artificial flavors. The secret behind our brand is being Unique & Consistent Taste without any need of a skilled chef.

Based on the huge requests from our regular customers,  We have planned to sell our ready to cook spice mix with a caption “Cooking Easy Healthy Yummy At Home'' using our website  so that people can make use of this wonderful spice mix at home cooking to their loved ones. We are making sure that these are being sold limited to only individual customers Strictly not to the resellers or to any other food outlets. 

We have been doing Non Veg Pickles for a very long time more than a decade, Until recently we have been taking orders manually and now we have started automating this process using our website for our customers. We  have our customers across the globe. Our pickles are also all natural and we don't add any preservatives. 

All we can say is, Taste it once and you are sure to come back for more – Our non veg pickles are a feast to taste buds in every bite and our ready to cook spice mixes have everything.  Just adding one Packet of  Mix to Half Kg of Raw Material Chicken/Fish/Prawn/YOUR Favourite Vegetables.